I'm Doing The Strand

I'm sort of obsessed with the Scissor Sisters' new cover of Roxy Music's "Do The Strand." As Fluxbog accurately described, it sounds "like a gay disco jingle for New York City’s most beloved used book store."

My office building is across the street from The Strand, so it's become my morning theme song these past few weeks. By now, it's safe to say the Scissor Sisters can add a bit of glitter to anything.

I loved Ta-Dah and I'm curious about their upcoming release. At a couple secret NYC shows last year, the band tested material and, judging from the YouTube clips, the songs were all over the place.

Although "Do The Strand" offers nothing stylistically new from their debut album, check out the early 80's pop rock sound of "The Other Girls." I would love this direction for the new album.