Celebrate Diversity

Pride celebrations were being held throughout the country this weekend, with SF and NY pretty much at ground zero. This was my fifth year celebrating. In the week leading up, San Francisco becomes one longish party. I had a good time this weekend, although I'm still somewhat dehydrated and have been trying to give my legs a rest.

On Pink Saturday, I went to dinner with a friend, bar hopped, party hopped and ran into some familiar faces. My final stop was Frisco Disco, the weekly dance party at The Transfer. It's the West Coast's answer to Misshapes (although it's been around longer), with fun, obnoxious, beautiful people, an almost anything-goes attitude to the music being played, and just a great way to dance until your drenched in sweat.

It was probably the most fun I've had at a party in a long time (perhaps since, Misshapes in April?). I had seen DJ Jefrodisiac (one half of the Frisco Disco team -- the other is Richie Panic. They also perform as Paradise Boys) perform elsewhere. He performed a long-ass set in 2005 when M.I.A . made her first trip to San Francisco, performing at the Independent. She was stuck at the airport and ended up being super late, but all was good with Jefrodisiac's blend of 80's hip-hop and electro classics. Oh, and if you were at the show, my girls were the ones that hopped on stage during his set, dancing until they were booed by the crowd.

Anyway, Saturday night was amazing, and I must have been dancing for an hour and half. They played everything from The Smiths' "Panic" to
Tag Team's "Whoomp! (There It Is)" to The Rapture's "House of Jealous Lovers" and a shitload of dance and hip-hop tracks I didn't know. There were sweaty boys bumping and grinding in wannabee go-go mode, cute flirty girls in halter tops rubbing my beard, and some random people wearing too much clothing. In other words, for a music lover at Pride weekend, this was the perfect way to celebrate diversity.

It's not necessarily fair to compare Misshapes with Frisco Disco. With the latter, there are no celebrities, no mid-set performances, or the East Coast capacity for taste/image-making. However, the crowd and spirit at both parties are essentially the same. Plus, Frisco Disco is cheap and you can actually see people. You will find me there again.

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