Unite And Take Over

There is really only one messiah in my world .. and that is Morrissey. Yes, I can go on and on about my fandom (I made the Manchester pilgrimage in 2001!), but it's really the same story for any fan of the most polarizing, talented and legendary singer alive.

I am very fortunate to live in one of the 3 locations where he's having a multi-night stand, especially after seeing him a few months ago at Oakland's Paramount Theater. That show was pretty awesome, but seeing him at The Fillmore will be tremendous. Out of the 4 shows he's doing, I'm planning on getting tickets for the last two nights (Sept. 26-27).

I love what he has to say about this current tour:
"Thanks to those of you who have bought tickets, and thanks to those even considering coming along. With so many US concerts this year your loyalty has already been over-stretched, so if you decide to pass, that's OK." (Source)
Any morsel of self-deprecation from The Man will make my week.

Also, here are a few "bootleg" t-shirt designs that are somewhat pricey or no longer available:

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