Last Plane to Jamaica

San Francisco's Ghosts on Tape is an artist I admire. Using only "some janky ass ghetto equipment", Ryan Philip Merry is producing some of the most musical, enjoyable beats I've heard in a while.

Maybe it has to do with his open minded approach to influences (electro, turbo grime, speed garage and Miami bass to name a few). I'll settle with ghettotech as the genre that might sum it up.

His just-released free live mix was performed using two samplers and features 25 minutes of tracks he's working on. Even if you have a modest interest in dance music and tropical, bass-heavy beats, I suggest you give it a listen. I suspect a full album release is in the works.

In a recent interview, Ghosts on Tape said even though he has a passion for dancehall, sadly "there's like no Jamaicans" in San Francisco. Just like there's no black folks in Alaska, according to Diddy.

But G.O.T. is right about Jamaicans in S.F., although I can personally confirm SF kids love their Red Stripe.

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