Roisin Murphy at Mansion NYC

Photo by It's ok to sweat.

I had a really incredible time watching Roisin Murphy make her U.S. debut in NYC last night. She played about 3/4's of Overpowered and a couple songs I wasn't familiar with (possibly from her earlier work). There were costume/coat changes after each song. Here are five points:

1. Her voice was perfect. She owned the stage. She was very happy to be there. The sound in the venue was great minus a few technical issues at the beginning.

2. She has fantastic chemistry with her band. She playfully assaulted AND seduced her musicians a couple of times throughout the set. She gave her backup singers a real pounding near the end of the show.

3. I liked the musical twists she added as she was transitioning or ending her songs. She amped up the dance elements "Dear Miami" and "Movie Star" while adding a rock guitar solo in "Primitive." She minimized the synth-heavy "You Know Me Better," which also sounded great.

4. She was rocking her signature bra-less white shirt a lot of the times. My favorite outfits were the brown, turkey-like hunchback number she wore during "Movie Star" and the plaid deer coat during (I think) "Let Me Know."

5. The venue was small, intimate and gorgeous. I think the crowd was a bit comatose at times, but that might be a NY thing. I was surrounded by a group of people that went bananas during ever song. But I could see a lot of people just staring in awe/confusion.


Brian said...

The show was amazing! Absolutely loved every moment of it! loved the plaid deer coat was perfection! and it was during "overpowered" hehe.... def. hope this isnt the last we see of her in NYC!

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

I agree with all of your five points, absolutely stellar performance. Although, I wish she'd played a few more songs from her first solo album, Ruby Blue. Sadly, number five is true and I do believe it's a NY thing. Went to a Lykke Li concert earlier in the week and despite her massive amount of energy, people didn't always seem to respond in a vibrant manner.

Salvador Ali said...

Yeah, live shows in NYC are new to me. People seem to take a lot of pictures/video and don't seem to let loose and experience the show. Oh well, it's not that big of a deal.

I hope she comes back too!