High School with The Dodos

A few weeks ago, Pitchfork Media posted a video by The Dodos, a San Francisco duo with an "acoustic troubadour meets freak-folk" sound.

I went to high school with Meric Long, the leader of the band. I recall him being a nice guy, and somewhat goofy in junior year English class.

From the high school friends I keep in touch with, I heard about The Dodos being Meric's project and that he was playing around town, although I haven't had the chance to see him perform.

The Dodos song "Fools," and their music in general, is pretty much what the band describes as their inspiration: "free-spirited, unhinged acts like Animal Collective." "Fools" is very energetic and emotive. I definitely dig it. The album is coming out on French Kiss next year.

It's strange to see a creative experience by someone you remember from an early educational institution, especially when you have similar interests as adults (freak folk, Animal Collective, San Francisco, independent music, etc.) and you weren't close friends back in the day.

It's a a feeling of genuine surprise and happiness when someone is doing something they love, coming from the same Lamorinda rich hippy suburban bubble as I did. It's also encouraging, and inspires me to get my shit together, get over my stage fright, finish the new album and keep pushing.

Cass McCombs is also from the same pool. I remember seeing him perform at a New Year's party in Walnut Creek in 1998, and tearing tickets at the now closed Park Theater about a decade ago (although these days his PR only brings up his periods in New York, Baltimore and now Chicago).

Of course people move on, and new environments shape their creativity. Perhaps that's one reason San Francisco has been taking its toll on me as of late.

I like Cass's music a lot, and I still haven't had the chance to get his new album. I've been wanting to do a cover of "Nobody's Nixon" for some time now. He's currently on tour with Jose Gonzalez.

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