San Francisco Is Listening to Cut Copy

On my short (20 minute max) commute to work these past 2 weeks, I've been popping in Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours album and I am in complete heaven. It's an amazing album to start the day. That IS the power of music -- just one more thing to be excited about in the morning.

I've been listening to "Hearts on Fire" for what feels like a year now and "Lights and Music" has been saturated in my brain. The album mixes are longer and I'm falling in love with them again.

The real surprise is the incredible "Strangers In The Wind." It's a beautiful marriage of Fleetwood Mac's melancholia with mid-80's synthpop balladry. It was telling that they put Tusk-era Mac on their So Cosmic mix -- I just never thought it would take shape on their actual album. So haunted, indeed.

I've been hearing In Ghost Colours play at my local coffee shop. I've been hearing it through car windows (my apartment is on a deceptively loud street corner). And I've been seeing posters advertised everywhere for their show at Mezzanine this Saturday. This sold-out, dream team bill also features Simian Mobile Disco, and I will be fortunate enough to attend.

Check out their label Modular Recording's website, which has a curious display of
"gay vague" Web 2.0 design.


xolondon said...

I have been meaning to thank you for steering me to that Cut Copy track - love it. A surprise from them. I just wish they did not sound so lofi.

Salvador Ali said...

Yeah, I love that song. They didn't play it at their live show but oh well. Their album sounds very slick, not as lo-fi as you would think for an indie electronic rock band.