So Long Robert Rauschenberg

Persimmon, 1964 (Source). I saw this beautiful collage/painting at the SF MOMA in 1999 with my friend Amanda. I never quite forgot it.

Estate, 1963 (Source).

Persimmon Coronation (Runts), 2007 (Source). The fruit revisited. His work in recent years took advantage of lots of white space.

Winter Pool, 1959. One of the few mixed media sculptures I took a photo of at the MOMA in NYC April 2007.

Speaking In Tongues, 1983. Not my favorite TH album cover design (despite the award), but certainly my favorite TH album!

One of my favorite artists passed away last week. Robert Rauschenberg was an artist I was genuinely excited about anywhere his work was exhibited. To me, his work was always alive, vivid, imaginative and exciting.

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