My Hearts Skippin'

I got the recession special two weeks ago when I joined my new gym in NYC. They not only honored my SF rate, but they gave me loads of benefits. Perfect!

The past few months had me losing lots of weight, much to my horror. The skinny jeans Williamsburg hipster thing is not my aesthetic at all. So I'm trying more weight training.

I'm sharing a mix I've been listening to on my iPod using 8tracks, this new 8-song online mix maker. It's definitely in its prototype stages, as I found a whole handful of frustrations just by trying to make a simple mix. But the builders have been very proactive about addressing my issues.

Here it is for your listening pleasure:

1. Don't Be On With Her by Miami Horror
2. Meddle (Designer Drugs 80s Coke Jam Remix) by Little Boots
3. Hardcore Girls [featuring Rye Rye] (Don Rimini Nasty Boy Mix) by The Count & Sinden
4. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyonce
5. Get Fresh by Kid Sister
6. Shells by M.I.A.
7. Two Of Hearts by Annie
8. Electric Feel (Remix) by MGMT (ft. Jim Jones)

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